Investor and HNW

Our investors

HHI collaborates with tens, and sometimes hundreds of investors, every day of the year. Being it high-net worth individual, family offices, General Partners of VC, Funds or an institutional investor. We regard our investors as our partners, creating and appreciating value for them in the long-haul.

Our investor relations team holds un-matched knowhow in categorizing, while continuously updating, our investor-partners interest, their own business endeavors and sectors. We continuously keep up with the business news and markets changes. We are thrilled to learn of successful  investments we've advised on, that have contributed to our  investors business.

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Portfolio advisory and Board representation

HHI services offers a bi-directional relationship. We often are called by our investors to address turn around situations, M & A  or Pre-IPO advisory in one of their portfolio holdings. Majority or minority position, we shall be there for our partners, and in cases, will represent their interest in board of directors, as the case may arise.

As our network expands, word-of-mouth or transaction based, we understand our ethical duty, and complete transparency. Our mandate is always transparent, and our interest is always to generate higher value to our partners and investors.


Lifestyle investments

First and foremost, we cherish our investors’ privacy. As our relationship are personal, we often initiate and approach our investors with ‘Lifestyle Investments’ opportunities.

Our international partner network deal flow could many times include a personal passion of one or more of our investors. Being it a unique quality vineyard, a Formula 1 team or a Chateau on France or Spain, we would be very selective in such cases, and always validate prior to any proposal.

​We share a passion for the attractions, exquisite and fun part in life. We should enjoy it. We all deserve it.


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