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Financial Services

Corporate Finance

Hadars Holdings & Investments provides a full range of investment banking services throughout our diversified clients’ business lifecycle; publicly listed& private companies, fast-growing tech companies, service providers and innovative start-ups


HHI offer comprehensive financial advisory and capital raising services - including restructuring advice, debt and equity capital alternatives, strong equities distribution and partner network. Our investor pool ranges from High-Net worth investors through to corporate venture and institutional investment across the globe.


Our diversified network of both private and institutional investors offers a solid base for our clients, with confidence and unique fundraising opportunities from both financial and strategic partners.
HHI familiarity with the investment ‘sweet-spot’ and preferences of investors, bring together the right transaction with the appropriate partner. 

As a valued partner of our investors, HHI’s leadership team of professionals often us asked to join the company’s board, adding our financial proficiency and capital market endorsement to the management toolbox while accelerating the business.

Corporate Finance

Pre-IPO and PIPE

HHI excels where our clients’ enterprise value is right before take-off. HHI leadership of Private Investment in Public Entities (or ‘PIPE’), enables publicly listed companies in NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE & TASE, a swift equity-based financing, during different stages of their operational business growth. In some case, it also assists in diversifying the investors in a publicly traded company, with needed high-caliber market-known professional investors.

Another main financing service we practiceis the Pre-IPO financing round. It could be right after round B or C of the company, or just before an RTO. Our team analyzes and determines the most suiting transaction structure, for both company and new equity or debt investors, and solidifies the transaction for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

Pre-IPO and PIPE

Project Finance

HHI is a top-tier firm in the field of Project Finance, including economic modeling, market review and financing of variety of project such as desalination plants, hydro and photo-voltaic power generation fields,  funded by local infrastructure private equity funds and foreign banks, including the European Investment Bank (EIB).

Currently, HHI serves as debt and equity financing advisor to several local and international sponsors of large scale infrastructure projects in Israel and abroad. HHI uniquely offers power generation and co-generation project know-how and financing expertise.

In the field of telecom, HHI has served as an advisor to the largest fiber-to-the home project in Israel, securing hundreds of millions of Dollars in vendor financing, government grants and shareholder’s convertible debt.

Project Finance

Private Equity & vc

Throughout the years, HHI has been an advisor to general and limited partners (GP & LP) in some of the highest performing funds in Israel. HHI team constantly engages and reviews new emerging funds, seeking our support in Limited Partners sourcing and roadshow expertise.


Secondary Venture Capital sell-out transaction have become a growing portion of the equities sector, and our global LP position-buyer partnerships comes very instrumental in such Investor-to-investor transactions.

Private Equity and VC Advisory

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